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Prohibition of Tobacco Sale and Consumption

Should the Same Laws That Prohibit the Sale and Consumption of Heroin Be Applied to Tobacco? To most users, tobacco is one of the most stimulating drugs in the world. However, according to medical practitioners, it has among the most dangerous drugs in the world.  Not only is it among the most addictive substances, but also […]

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Global Welfare

The wealthy nations are required to share their wealth among poorer nation by providing food and education. This is because there is scarcity of resources in these poor countries to support the high population associated with them. These nations have a lower access to the global income. It would be helpful for rich countries to […]

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What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st century?

Introduction Given the nature of lifestyle that most parents are involved in, schools have remained the only place where our children should be taught both academic and life skills that will enable them to face the challenges that are posed by the fast changing society. Hence schools need to do the following to prepare them […]

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The Security of US Borders and Illegal Immigration

Security of US borders has been a matter of concern to the various US governments and their citizens. Illegal immigrants across the US borders have posed a major threat to its security. Illegal Immigrants, especially from Canada, have increased the rate of insecurity in the United States.  Various regimes have come up with ways to […]

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Will The Internet Technology Replace Written Words?

Will Modern Technology such as the Internet ever replace the Book or Written Word as the Main Source of Information? It is almost correct to admit that the future of the written word as the main source of information lies in the modern technology such as the internet. In fact, one can predict the death […]

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Should retirement be compulsory at 65 years of age?

Over the years, there has been a heated debate on the appropriate retirement age. In most countries, especially in Europe, the retirement age is set to be 65 years. Although this has been faced with a lot of debate, the question, therefore, is would 65 years be an appropriate age for people to retire? This […]

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The Crusades: salvation or exploitation

Introduction The word ‘crusade’ in French means lifting the cross. Crusade describes an early military war by the initial Christians against the Muslims.  Such crusades were initiated by the Roman Catholics in the Late Medieval Ages (Phillips, 2012). The paper makes an analysis of Crusades in determining their intentions as part of the religious faith. […]

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Should rich countries forgive all debts for poor countries?

Firstly forgiving all debts for poor countries will be an economic loss to the rich countries .All the money they had worked for as a nation will not be of any help to the citizens if lent to poor countries and not paid back .Debt relief program ca be a disadvantage to the rich countries […]

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