The Crusades: salvation or exploitation


The word ‘crusade’ in French means lifting the cross. Crusade describes an early military war by the initial Christians against the Muslims.  Such crusades were initiated by the Roman Catholics in the Late Medieval Ages (Phillips, 2012). The paper makes an analysis of Crusades in determining their intentions as part of the religious faith.

In 1095, Pope Urban initiated the first Crusade with the objective of making a restoration of Christian admissions to holy places in Jerusalem. After the first crusade there was the need to dominate over the Holy land. Seven other crusades followed. Therefore, it was during this time that Muslims took control over Palestine, Jordan and Israel (John, 2015). However, Christians in Europe had a belief that they would ascent to heaven in case they died struggling to take control of the Holy Land. Historiographers find the crusades assertive and unlawful and others consider them to be a no cease conflict within the Europe borders. The crusades cannot be considered exploitations because they plaid an important role in strengthening the Christina faith.

Christians could not let the Muslims have an Islamic invasion on their Holy land. They had to keep a continued faith in dealing with the varying issues necessary in taking control of all the regions that they considered to be part of their Holy worship (Phillips, 2012). Thus, the crusades are part of the Christian salvation due the effect they have on advancing the necessary coordination within the Christian faith. The cross in this case was lifted due to the increased efforts in making Jesus Christ known in all areas around Jerusalem.


The crusades were necessary in advancing the Christian salvation.  Christians who participated in crusades increased their faith greatly (John, 2015).

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