To what extent should economic planning be influenced by the need of environmental conservation?

Currently, the major concern that is causing anxiety in the globe is the safeguarding of the environment. The government and the citizens as a whole are putting efforts to ensure that there is creation of an improved environment for the upcoming generation. Undoubtedly, there are various elements that enhance fiscal planning, which are; upgrading medical facilities, improving educational facilities as well as creation of job opportunity (Romm, 2013). This essay aims at discussing how economic planning has to be affected so as to regulate environmental conservation.

First of all, it is significant to settle on the need of safeguarding the environment in regards to the conditions of a certain country. This is mainly experienced in third world countries that work extra hard to ensure the people are contented. Such inhabitants look for greener pastures so as to upgrade their ways of living. A sustained fiscal plan will be obtained through such ways as this where the citizens are content, since most of the people in this setting are able to live in a well developed and protected environment. For instance, the rate of global fuel consumption continues to grow with the day. Vehicle production continues to contribute to global fuel consumption with each new vehicle place on the read requiring enhanced extraction of fuel to meet the global demand. This especially, is a concern to the state as it sources its oil from other countries and so an increase in oil prices will greatly affect the state’s economy.

In conclusion, it is unfeasible to overlook the most inconsequential needs of undeveloped countries so as to protect the environment. Nonetheless, if environmental conservation does not happen, the future generation will not have anything left for them, this means, evenhanded techniques must be applied so as to preserve the environment.

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