Will The Internet Technology Replace Written Words?

Will Modern Technology such as the Internet ever replace the Book or Written Word as the Main Source of Information?

It is almost correct to admit that the future of the written word as the main source of information lies in the modern technology such as the internet. In fact, one can predict the death of written sources just by examining the effects of the internet and online or digital libraries (Miller, 2011).  As much as the internet seems to play a significant role in the information sector, it will not push the written word as the main source of information to extinction.

While the internet sources seem to be ubiquitous and readily available, they too have a downside that highlights the preference of the written source. For instance, not everyone can afford the internet connection. Secondly, many find it uncomfortable to read through the screen, and some are cautious about the harmful rays generated from electronic media (Miller, 2011). Thirdly, the internet is widely affected by crowding servers or power failure that inconveniences the user or the researcher (Pavlik, 2013).

Written words on the other side prove to be convenient, easy to read, portable and cheap. Jason Epstein is known to be one of the very few advocates who have cited the aesthetic value of the written words as the prime and novel source of information (Epstein, 2011). For this reason alone, the internet will still come second after the written word as the main source of information.

It could be a common knowledge that the internet holds a crucial place regarding obtaining information. Nonetheless, the written word as the source of information shall remain significant, even though, its usage shall drop in the future.

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