Global Welfare

The wealthy nations are required to share their wealth among poorer nation by providing food and education. This is because there is scarcity of resources in these poor countries to support the high population associated with them. These nations have a lower access to the global income. It would be helpful for rich countries to increase their efforts to promote health care in poor countries by economic and educational aid (Lynn et al., 2002).

A poor nation means that the government does not have the ability to look after its citizens. Food and education are basic amenities which must be catered for. Rich nations should do more to help poor ones, and direct budget support is the most palatable form of aid (Caiden et al., 1974). Although these nations require to be helped, they should also strive to improve the well being of their citizens. They should make future development plans that are aimed at improving their situation. Otherwise the help will make them worse off.

Wealthy nations have a significant obligation to those living in very poor nations, the extent of the duty depending on the differences between in wealth or welfare. The obligation goes beyond their natural charitable inclinations (Posner et al., 2010).

The government of the poor countries has the responsibility to look after their citizens and should not rely on the wealthy nations to help them. However, this does not mean that they should not use the help. They should only use it in the short term.

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