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How an imagination of one man can change our world Part 1

It is called the Tony Stark of the real world, a worthy heir to bill gates and Steve jobs rolled into one. An entrepreneur who made a fortune on Internet startups has turned into a visionary who thinks about a better future for humanity. A Little understanding in Internet banking, rocket science, and electric cars, […]

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3D technologies in construction

Countries located in areas of unfavorable climate, the more intense is the process of introducing in the construction of new ideas and solutions. So? For example, in Kazakhstan invented a technology for the production of 3D-thermal panels. Constructed of such panels a home without additional reinforcing structures are able to survive in a hurricane, and […]

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Elon Musk, colonization of Mars and other cool stuff Part 3

Less than a week since the release of the article, Elon Musk unveiled the next interesting time — home-roof with integrated solar panels. He draws Parallels with Tesla, which has allowed the electric vehicles to have a normal appearance. This technology should make it like with solar panels, which is not very attractive. Now visually […]

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Elon Musk, colonization of Mars and other cool stuff Part 2

Ubiquitous Elon Musk In terms of pioneering some of the solutions I personally Google Glass was much more interesting than the recent releases of the iPhone/iPad. Even with all the difficulties, the mistakes, the problems with the launch and sale, this product really looked like something new. Especially given the current huge volume of video […]

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Elon Musk, colonization of Mars and other cool stuff Part 1

Recently watched the presentation of the project SpaceX’s Elon musk about the colonization of Mars. I wanted to share my impressions of the latest ideas of the innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur, having thought about their contribution to the development of humanity. It looks like that no wonder the Mask is compared to the comic book […]

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Can self-driving vehicles replace traditional cars?

Today quite a lot of large companies are developing an unmanned vehicle, including Google, which by the way, about this development said the first. Let’s imagine a car that drives itself without a driver, where you can rest during long trips or while we sit in traffic jams well, something like this in the movie […]

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What to Write in a Reaction Paper

Writing reaction papers is not as easy as it may seem to be at the first blush. Your task lies in not only reading and understanding of the text but also voicing your personal point of view concerning it. It is necessary to spend enough time to understand what each text informs about and in […]

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