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How Red Hat shake up global market Part 2

The guy in the red hat In 1992, when Bob young recognized from the readers of New York about Unix Linux existed, this project seemed a simple young’s experiment. He couldn’t even imagine that based on the altruism model can be successful from a financial point of view. To the surprise of the young, in […]

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How Red Hat shake up global market Part 1

Most startups sell ideas in some niches, seeking to ultimately narrow down your competition. However, from time to time there are projects which can not just to gain a foothold on a small island market, but also to conduct large-scale expansion, forever changing the rules of the game. American company Red Hat (“red hat”) at […]

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Etsy: How to build a global business on trade Handicrafts Part 1

Etsy is an eCommerce website where you can buy or sell handmade items and various vintage items. The Etsy business began with enterprises around the trading platform of people, lovers of handmade and antique items. According to the results of the public offering of securities (IPO), the company was priced at $2 000 000 000. […]

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Tinder: the story of explosive growth in dating apps Part 2

Love at first sight: the psychology of Tinder According to the creators of Tinder, the relationship between users of their service is a reflection of the interaction between people in everyday life. When you sit at the bar and wondering if we should meet the girl or guy next to you at your disposal a […]

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Tinder: the story of explosive growth in dating apps Part 1

The development of information technologies affects all spheres of life. Mobile app Tinder (eng. “the fuse”, “wick”) was created with the aim to simplify the process of acquaintance between people as possible. Tinder was born on September 1, 2012, at Hatch Labs, the incubator of the American Corporation InterActiveCorp. Immediately after starting the app is […]

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How to Make a Report: Business Report Writing

Composing such paper as a business report intended for an administration may turn out to be a significant component when making the company name. It is important to write in a mistake-free, clean and, at the same time, professional manner. Additionally, you should demonstrate your findings objectively and back up all pieces of advice concerning […]

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How people first met Mac with GUI

A tiny amount of time when considered in the context of the history of human civilization. But the development of computers — a whole era. This year Apple fans are celebrating the 33rd birthday of the first GUI (Graphical User Interface, GUI) that became available to the mass market with the first Macintosh computer. The […]

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GitHub: way to triumph Part 2

  “Just’s viewpoint have it” implies that the organization also advantages of focusing on how individuals connect to the merchandise and quicker registers mistakes and concealed potential and what its faculties are actually essential. Representation was discovered by all of this in there clearly was the beginning of the organization in GitHub presents new functions […]

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GitHub: way to triumph Part 1

Within the first area of the post on GitHub examined crucial facets of its achievement and the real history of the intense development of the task, such as the capability to resolve issues, developing a powerful and appealing community impact. Within the component that was next, we proceed our evaluation of growth’s degrees, the organization […]

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