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Tips for parents who are using iPhone

iPhone charade — our happiness, our pride. How you want to treat them nice toys, beautiful outfits, give them all, so they will not feel alienated in their environment. Our children are good with computers, phones, tablets and other electronics are still pre-school age. And the more expensive the child phone, the more confident he […]

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Remote management in Android

Today there are many options to use gadgets running the Android operating system. They are designed for convenience and added the comfort of the user. Suppose you have a smartphone or tablet with an HDMI output that you decided to connect to my TV to watch a movie on the big screen. For many users, […]

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How to fix “not enough space” on Android?

Memory on any desktop or mobile device is not unlimited. For this reason, users should remember that do not need to download on your gadget too many programs, applications and other objects that do not carry many benefits. When working with devices with Android such problem arises more often because the memory is sometimes quite […]

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