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LEGO. The film with a serious idea

LEGO. Film bot that rentals will be a “LEGO. Film” three — dimensional cartoon made about characters out of LEGO. It would seem that we face a completely crazy idea. Think about a cartoon about live blocks designer. But the reality is a little different… For starters, let’s think about why to create a cartoon […]

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Human and Cosmos

Man and cosmos so much (in historical terms) time passed since that memorable April morning in 1961, and today the near-earth space turned into a working area that people began not only to study but to inhabit and use in the interests of science and the national economy. More and more messengers take space. Not […]

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The use of stem cells for modern medicine

Medicine is not in place, and confirmation of this is the phenomenon of the use of stem cells. This method implies a development of medicine for several decades ahead. This is a very impressive method of treatment of certain types of diseases. The use of stem cells may solve a number of problems which until […]

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South Korea plans to launch 5G connection until 2020

Shortened 5G, 5th-generation cellular sites or 5th-generation wireless methods, would be the recommended standards that are next beyond the present 4G/IMT-Advanced requirements. Communication 5G according to news authoritative Systems Agency Yonhap News, South Korea plans to launch a bond modification 5G. It is necessary to add that various state agencies plan to directly invest approximately […]

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Google invests in space technology

Google Reschedule that most modern technology came into the life of the common man from various space programs. Sometime in the past, such habitual things as “Velcro” or freeze-dried food has been available only to cosmonauts and astronauts. Also today all new developments and research in technical fields the first thing to conquer space, and […]

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