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Many of them are quite useful, showing us the weather forecast or the exchange rate (though with that, one could argue), and sometimes just a beautiful photo. But most often impulsive install, simply slow down the system. Offer to fix the situation and deliberately install any extensions from the list. Believe me, they will be useful.

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Evernote Web Clipper extension lets you save your favorite articles and share them with friends and colleagues. Works not only in, but in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari. – monitors your email, and reports, read them, or not. LastPass extension will be useful to anyone who needs to memorize too many passwords, logins, and banking details. Download the Chrome Extension – if you need any extension, but it’s only available for Chrome, you here. Download Chrome Extension allows you to install apps for Chrome in. Copy As Plain Text – allows you to copy the content of the web pages in the form of text.

Firebug extension offers a variety of options for working with web pages. Bloody Vikings! – simplifies the use of temporary e-mail addresses in order to protect the real address of the user from spam. Video DownloadHelper helps to download videos from various sites. ScrapBook – this extension saves web pages and organizes them for viewing offline in a tree database. DownThemAll! – increases the speed of loading different files. And here are a few additions which are specialists in the field of SEO: we almost all use the Mozilla Firefox browser. Here are some additions that we use in our work:

  • RDS Bar – allows quick, literally within 5 seconds, to assess the characteristics of the analyzed site without adding it to any services.
  • SimilarWeb – allows on the fly to determine the approximate traffic to the site in General and in the context of different sources (search, contextual advertising, etc.).
  • FireShot is no longer about marketing, but about convenience. With the help of this Supplement, you can quickly take a screenshot of the whole page and the required block on the page and immediately send the picture to the clipboard, saved to PDF, etc.
  • Words that Helper – helps when working with Yandex Wordstat. Using this extension you can add the desired keywords to the clipboard.
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Google Chrome

Panda – helps to keep track of the latest news.

Save to Pocket – allows you to save all the necessary links, articles, videos and other materials for later (perhaps even without an Internet connection). Snippy allows you to add a CTA button on any page, which the user shares with friends. DrumUp – extension looks for content that is similar in theme to the fact that at the moment the user reads.

Facebook Invite All – invite all friends to Facebook group or activity. Email Hunter finds email addresses of potential customers coming to the website of the company. Yesware shows when and how often a user opens the email.

Boomerang for Gmail – allows you to configure the time for sending emails. Revue – extension collects content from various social networks, allowing you to add it to the list with just one click. Suitable for those involved in writing the weekly digests. Page Analytics shows how users interact with the site. For example, the extension provides statistics for clicks. DocSend provides data for sent documents (as long watched who opened).

PageSpeed Insights measures the page speed and gives advice on improvements. Window Resizer – shows how the content will look on different devices. Ninja Outreach Lite provides statistics on web pages (for example, bounce rate, demographics). UberConference allows you to conduct online conferences. Visualping – monitors the page for changes. Once on the page, something happens, the user will receive a notification. Giphy for Chrome – as is clear from the name, this extension to create GIF images.

Extensity – if you have installed too many extensions, it will slow down your computer. Extensity helps to solve this problem. With its help, it will be easier to understand what you need in the moment, and what is not.

Momentum – simply inspirational background, weather, and field notes. And, of course, welcome. And what extensions do you use?

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