Restore Windows without recovery points

Windows Operating system is a rather fragile mechanism that can at any moment to give some failures. Any platform can reboot. Improper operation of the device, such cases are not uncommon. Any failure and malfunction is a shock to the user because it comes unexpectedly. So you need to quickly gather my thoughts to think about possible causes of difficulties and real way to return the gadget to its normal mode.

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Difficulties with the operating system can lead ultimately to the fact that it just fails. The result is a loss of settings, downloaded programs and other information to which access will be closed. For this reason, users just need in advance to protect yourself from such difficulties. A real chance to achieve this is to create a restore point. In the future they will help to return the platform to its previous state of health. But if they had not been created?

Some users just think that each point takes too much time on the hard drive. For this reason, just refuse it. Here is the reason. But unless points were created, how you can try to perform system recovery? Real help users Need an emergency bootable flash drive or you can use the disk if you are working with any gadget in addition netbook.

So what is a pre user with the necessary utility produces the entry in third party media, and then directly from him, if necessary, to boot the OS. Next, attach the drive to the PC port. Now we need to activate boot option in the BIOS, which is disabled by default. Now I have to go with the settings. In the BOOT tab change the boot order.

This will allow you to boot not from the hard drive and connected the drive. After loading system with emergency flash drive instantly need to copy all the most important information. With the help of a special Conductor produced by these manipulations quickly and efficiently.

Later information will be copied to removable storage devices, which will provide access to it. The most important thing is to copy the files directly from the system folder where you saved all the most important settings of the program.

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