LEGO. The film with a serious idea

LEGO. Film bot that rentals will be a “LEGO. Film” three — dimensional cartoon made about characters out of LEGO. It would seem that we face a completely crazy idea. Think about a cartoon about live blocks designer. But the reality is a little different… For starters, let’s think about why to create a cartoon about LEGO? Because LEGO, as everyone knows, is not an imitation of reality, but merely simulates the process of its creation, while the three-dimensional animation designed to bring credibility to the viewer it seemed that the drawn characters as life – because they also fluttering on the wind hair, shiny teeth, and a big smile. Why combine the former with the latter?

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The fact that LEGO has been working with Hollywood (remember the constructors based on the “Star wars” and “Harry Potter”) and dreams of expansion. Now, this idea will finally be able to incarnate. At first glance, it may seem that “LEGO. The film” is nothing more than just created for public relations of commercial curiosity. But what is most surprising is not until the end…

It turns out that “Legos. The film” is perhaps one of the best creations of Hollywood over the last few years. Cartoon completely departs from the canons of the genre and responsibilities to carry out duty to the franchise. Delusions in the form of the same men from the designer are a kind of release pattern from Hollywood patterns. Only here the blind magician plays the piano in the Western saloon, while the crazy Batman jumps on the rainbow and argues with a cheerful kitty unicorn, inside of which lives a hidden aggression.

A second, equally surprising circumstance is that this is perhaps the most compelling use of 3D technology in recent years its celebration. The cartoon is breathtaking — so much so that even the eldest Cameron with his avatar never dreamed.

Well, and thirdly, all of the above, it is possible to add also that this, who would have thought that a cartoon with a clear political context. About the plot of the film. The main character of the cartoon – Builder Emmet, who does everything according to instructions. People like him play into the hands of the diabolical President Business, who in fact is the embodiment of conservative dreams about the world. He wants all the cubes were on “their” places – to the cowboys haven’t talked to astronauts and everything was on his terms. The regime of President Business rests on the euphoria of the masses and the entertainment industry, where a hit is the TV show “Where are my pants”. Confront him like hippie Vitruvius and a Great Master. The master has a prophecy about some chosen one who finds a mysterious Block of Resistance, and this election turns out to be none other than Emmett, who as everyone seems at first glance, is incapable, stupid and obedient to the embodiment of mediocrity.

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