Google invests in space technology

Google Reschedule that most modern technology came into the life of the common man from various space programs. Sometime in the past, such habitual things as “Velcro” or freeze-dried food has been available only to cosmonauts and astronauts. Also today all new developments and research in technical fields the first thing to conquer space, and there are tested. As it became known, the two largest us corporations Google and Fidelity have decided to team up and Fund SpaceX, a company engaged in the development of space equipment and missiles.

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Until recently, the company was known not only for its missiles but also ambitious plans for ubiquitous Internet. Namely, the delivery of Internet services to all corners of the globe by means of satellites orbiting around earth. As a result, the Internet will not only be ubiquitous but also cheap, which is also very important. According to preliminary estimates for the project needs to attract about $ 10 billion of investment, not to mention the fact that investments will return to investors soon.

And that’s how it became clear that Google wants to invest in the project of cheap Internet company SpaceX, she has similar plans for the future of the global network. The Corporation wants to increase the number of Internet users by delivery in hard to reach places or countries with poor infrastructure.

According to official Google spokesperson, the Corporation has the intention to improve people’s lives by attracting high technologies associated with the Internet. And those potential users on the earth today, there are many. According to preliminary estimates, about one third of the world’s population do not have access to the Internet, which, according to Google, is not conducive to the development of humanity as a whole.

The Corporation Google has previously invested in projects of this type. It is worth noting the fact that they are already testing the so-called balloons. They will have to perform the same function as the satellites of SpaceX. The project was named ProjectLoon. With it, Google will take the first step towards a global transmitter to cover the entire planet. It is evident that soon all the efforts Google can find its reflection in space satellites and balloons filled with helium.

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