Forecast for the development of social networks in 2017 Part 1

Social networks played a huge role in 2016 — their presence in our lives is growing every day. The flow of information, communication, even presidential elections in the United States — all this affected the last year, and coming is no exception.

TechCrunch in its Twitter account reports that Facebook is now lower in the ranking of the news, proved false after verifying third-party resources.

The owner of the Agency, digital marketing Justin Kirby, who also cooperates with major media publications (Adweek, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today), is continuously exploring the state of social networks.

Based on the changes that occurred in 2016, he offered his own Outlook for the current year. Here are 10 of his predictions:

  1. Disappearing content is a priority

During startup Snapchat, the social network was aimed at storing information. Published posts had to stay on the page to see them all friends. Then came Snapchat, is built on the idea that ephemeral content — feature of the new time. The idea quickly resonated with a young audience that does not wish to share his personal life with everyone.

Snapchat has quickly become the main network for fans to communicate in a close circle. In 2016, the daily audience coverage of this platform was about 150 million people. Instagram has already introduced a disappearing messages, their appearance in other networks is only a matter of time. Facebook is working on stories (stories) to his messenger and likely more will follow disappearing messages. Already there are apps like Confide and Cyber Dust. Probably will join them LinkedIn.

Snapchat was the first — so for him the advantage, but in 2017 there will be new players.

  1. Will dominate the living (live video) and staged (staged video)

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube — all the main players had been betting on improving the quality of the live video.

Will dominate the living (live video) and staged (staged video)

In 2016, the placement of this type of visual content has increased dramatically, even Facebook has raised the ranking is video posts. This resulted in an epidemic of such publications that guarantees a greater number of hits. In 2017, the trend will continue, and the game will join the new company.

One of the main advantages of live video that it can enhance any of the content without too much difficulty. For example, a podcast can just set up a camera and broadcast the broadcasting on Youtube and staged the video to use Facebook Live or Studio recording. Only need to find an assistant — and opens the opportunity to gain a new audience. With the development of live video will appear new types of content.

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  1. Twitter will be sold

This is probably the most daring assumption, but it deserves attention. Twitter has faced this need in the past year because of problems with profitability and management escalated. It was also decided to lay off 8% of employees.

Buying first became interested in Salesforce, Google, and Disney, but the sale has not yet taken place. Most likely, Twitter is still changing the master, who will have to make considerable efforts to improve profitability in the conditions of constant growth of competition.

  1. The company will actively use WhatsApp Messenger in your business

Worldwide WhatsApp helps to communicate with customers, but there are still countries where implementation is just beginning. This year the social network will be one of the elements of the service, and clients will be used to ask questions through the messengers.

The company will actively use WhatsApp Messenger in your business

WhatsApp Messenger — a great platform for communication. In addition, bots for Facebook allow you to increase the speed of applications. Phone calls and email are gradually fading into the background while communicating in the instant messengers becoming the norm.

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