Why you need to change your router even if it all works

Why change the router, if it all works Published 03.01.2017 Think, bought, installed, remember? No. Update router needs. Though not as often as a smartphone. And replace the old model will definitely pay off. Logo Wi-Fi decorated with the device capable of operating according to one of the wireless standards IEEE 802.11.

We are only interested in 802.11 g, 802.11 n, 802.11 ac. Older and budget devices often use 802.11 g, which is characterized by a transfer speed up to 54 Mbps at an operating frequency of 2.4 GHz. More new and popular 802.11 n capable of operating at speeds up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. The most advanced to date, 802.11 ac brings to the consumer the flow rate of 6.77 GB/s and uses the 5 GHz frequency.

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They are all backward compatible. N devices can connect to ac networks and work, but, of course, at lower speeds. The practical speed of Wi-Fi network with one transmitter and one using the device at least two times lower than the theoretical, which is specified in the standard. The router at the same time communicates with only one device.

While the smartphone is downloading something, other devices on the network are in the delay mode. The delay is short but can be noticeable when using the old equipment, incorrect setup or a large number of gadgets connected to the network.

In addition, there are additional sources of problems interference. In apartment buildings, their main reason is neighboring routers. Today, many of them, and so they do not interfere, it is necessary to use other transmission channels. Optimal speed can be achieved if between your and the neighbor’s channel will be at least five (that is, if the neighbor’s router is on channel nine, you need to switch on the fourth). Several sources of interference: Bluetooth, microwave ovens, and baby monitors.

They all work on 2.4 GHz and clog the channel. No wonder some tablets and smartphones you cannot use two interfaces. Wireless 802.11 is designed so that the maximum network speed from the router and several consumers may not be higher than that of the slowest device on the network. 5 reasons to upgrade router Increase speed Want more speed — go with the new standard. However, it is necessary to change and all consuming Wi-Fi devices, otherwise the speeds of 802.11 ac to achieve. It is unlikely that your provider provides the actual Internet access at speeds higher than those that supported 802.11 n. But if so, the router needs to be changed necessarily.

Causes of slow Internet can be several: the increase in the number of household gadgets that use the Internet. Network problems. Thus it is necessary to check whether there was a slowdown for a wired connection. If the low speed in a wireless network, the first thing you should try to find a free from other devices channel. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to run for a dual band router. Older devices may operate poorly due to a poor filling.

The router sends the information directly, it processes it, encrypts-decrypts redirects. Powerful processor and large RAM allow router not to shut up during operation. Wireless connection to the printer many modern handing out Wi-Fi devices has a separate system service — Print Server. It provides direct work a router with a printer connected to a wireless network.

The drivers, in this case, are placed directly into the router and print from any device that uses this Wi-Fi network. More convenient firmware many routers have problems with firmware causing disconnects, difficulty connecting devices to the network, and the like. To avoid this is to update the firmware or even put a third-party.

One of the best today is OpenWrt. But in order to flash the router, you may need a USB port. So, if you want to customization, you will have to spend some money and buy a more modern device. In addition, you may require more amount of constant memory: it ensures the operation of the device with additional features and the possibility of flashing. Create a torrent or media server the USB Port may be required for other purposes.

For example, to connect an external hard drive. Many modern models of routers in the native or third-party firmware not only have the tools to create home cloud storage but allow to establish a “torrential” in his own memory. Some models of routers can even turn into a media center. If you allow built-in memory, of course.

For this, you will need to install as firmware one of the specific *NIX-systems, purified from all the excess. The end result is a great energy efficient home server, which can be accessed from any of the used gadgets. The router uses much less electricity than a computer. This configuration replaces many NAS is a complete network home server.

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However, for the firmware, even the smallest, requires at least 64 MB of memory. To effectively use the router as the server preferably 128 MB. Increase the coverage of higher data transmission standard, the more coverage area. The 5 GHz band used in the more modern 802.11 ac/n, better to pass through concrete walls at short distances. On the other hand, most often to increase the coverage sufficiently or move the router, or change the antenna, or put a signal repeater (repeater). But a new gadget can be selected and so that he definitely had a better transmission and large area coverage. This requires two antennas (preferably detachable: they are better and they can be replaced if necessary) with a gain of 5dBi and support MIMO.

The latter suggests that antenna spaced from each other to provide maximum performance and do not create interference with each other. More than two antennas to use at home does not make sense. Cheap devices can cause interference of the third antenna yourself, but expensive rarely pay off. Insights Router needs to be changed only if there are problems with data transmission on Wi-Fi. Or if your gadgets support more modern standards than the current distributor. With increasing speed wired Internet and the expansion of the fleet, too, is thinking about purchasing a new unit. But if everything is set, everything works and nothing has changed, keep your money to yourself.

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