What to do if Android got a virus

The virus is entrenched in the phone — a rather unpleasant thing. It can transfer your information outside to turn on the camera and microphone or even try to steal money from your Bank account. Or completely lock the phone and extort money from you for unlocking.

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To catch the virus easier. They are often disguised as popular applications, lifting the program of malicious code. Infected files can be picked up on porn sites, in a weird blogging about instant earnings and on various forums where absolutely free distribute new versions of valuable applications. Viruses are increasingly coming in the form of SMS: if someone “accidentally” sent a link to personal photos, or anything else tempting, the probability that a link will eventually lead you to the download APK. Most of these viruses get into the Downloads folder.

The next step will be trying to get you to install a downloaded app. Be careful and always read the permissions requested by the program. In such cases, you can never hope for the best — one touch can seriously mess things up.

But what if the virus is already entrenched in the system and no backup? Here are some basic steps that can help.

  1. Immediately turn off the mobile connection, so the virus could not spend your money.
  2. Make a backup. In an extreme case, then try to dig out its data after a full system reset.
  3. If the phone is not locked, try to install any antivirus from Google Play and walk them.
  4. Podley all unknown or suspicious apps. Best of all — everything that was installed shortly before the appearance of suspicious symptoms.
  5. If you caught the screen locker and can not install anything, plug your phone to the computer and allow the storage of a full-fledged antivirus. They often know about the signatures malware for mobile phones and can help.
  6. In any case, last time reboot the phone — it is hoped that the blocker will shloshim and will not boot, then you will have a chance to salvage something from the phone.
  7. Try to boot in safe mode and deal with malware from it. Ways to activate safe mode vary depending on manufacturer and model.
  8. If you have root on your phone, try to replace the firmware old data.
  9. If all else fails, do a factory reset. With data, you’re leaving, but at least will regain the machine.

And of course, in any situation try not to panic and not to hurry.

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