Top 3 “cloudy” places for your information

Choose your information “cloud”!

Everyone knows the situation when there is not enough free space on the smartphone and you did not have a gadget solving the problem. Your smartphone is always connected to the Internet and provides access to cloud storage, which is an excellent alternative to removable drives. Thanks to the “cloud” your photos, documents, video files and other necessary information will be available on any device, at any time, while freeing up the phone’s memory. The variety of modern storage facilities simultaneously excludes and creates a problem of choice. We decided to figure out and made the top 5 free Cloud storage for your smartphone.

  1. Google Drive

A fairly popular cloud storage that allows you to store your data and share it with other users on the Internet. When you register, you are provided with 15 GB of free space. The service supports many formats, thanks to the built-in office suite Google Docs, which competes with Microsoft Office Online. Directly in the cloud storage, you can listen to music, watch videos, work with various documents and archives. Synchronization with Google+ and Gmail, allows you to add the necessary information to emails immediately from the service. Google Drive is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac.

  1. Dropbox

All known cloud storage, created in 2008. Every year, the service is improved. Dropbox is integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Online, which allows you to edit office documents directly in the browser and work with documents. The service provides a minimum of 2 GB of free space, which is easily increased, thanks to constant promotions and bonuses. For example, inviting friends, installing a service on a computer, sharing files and other activities are rewarded with additional megabytes of space. Dropbox is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry and Linux.

  1. OneDrive

The storage was created in 2007 and until 2014 was called Microsoft SkyDrive. Today, OneDrive is one of the main Cloud data stores. The main advantage of OneDrive is full integration with Office 365, which allows you to create, edit and save Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word files directly in the application using Windows Live OneDrive. The application provides an opportunity for teamwork, which is convenient for business. The service offers 5 GB of free space for registration and is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac Windows.

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