Tips for parents who are using iPhone

iPhone charade — our happiness, our pride. How you want to treat them nice toys, beautiful outfits, give them all, so they will not feel alienated in their environment. Our children are good with computers, phones, tablets and other electronics are still pre-school age. And the more expensive the child phone, the more confident he feels. Since then, as the market for iPhone, all children dream about that his parents bought them. It’s expensive and if you have the opportunity to buy a phone for a child, consider yourself lucky.

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iPhone and child

But the phone bought. Happiness and joy your child has no limits. But you have increased your headache. Because iPhone is a small computer in your pocket with numerous functions ranging from Internet access through which it comes not only useful but also undesirable for the child information and finishing ability to make a purchase at a distance (and who then pay?). Therefore, care should be taken to control the use of your child iPhone.

Here are a few tips for parents that will help to relieve you from unnecessary worries.

The first advice. Start by talking with the child. Explain to him that the toy is expensive, the second will not. Let’s talk about how to properly care for iPhone, about safety, about proper use of the software and system iPhone. Buy together with a beautiful case that will protect it from damage.

The second piece of advice. Agree that iPhone was used wisely, not to fill the whole meaning of life. Must be temporary restrictions in use.

The third Council. Talk to them about how to protect your personal information from the distribution network.

The fourth Council. Install iPhone programs that could help your child at school.

The fifth Council. Put a password on your phone. This protects information from prying eyes in case of theft.

The sixth Council. Can install on your child’s iPhone “Find My Friends” to control the movement. But most likely this app for the very young, adolescents are unlikely to agree to such intervention in their lives.

The seventh Council. Can install on the iPhone the function “safe search”. It is desirable that the child was not able to disable it.

Parental control program

It will help to set limits when using an iPhone as a teenager.

Start with account creation for the child as follows: “system settings” -> “parental control” -> “create a user account with parental control” -> called the name of the registered account, password and a password hint (suddenly forget).

Now with your child will determine which programs interesting and most useful for its development. Here you come to an agreement and now start to configure the program.

  • “Program”. It is necessary to establish limited access programs, which are undesirable for the teen. The only point that may be useful for the baby. When you try to use an Unlisted program, the system will prompt for a password. And as you know is your password.
  • “The web”. Is tab safe location on the Internet. It is recommended to install an automatic limit. If this is not enough for you, can additionally be called unwanted websites.
  • “Users”. You will know who he is talking to and texting the child. Here you can set the allowable contacts. All “unauthorized” contacts will be in your email box.

Is “time”. Very good tab. Specifies the limit spent in social networks.

Summing up

Following these simple tips, you can protect your child, to protect him from unnecessary contact, harmful information computer websites.

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