Tinder: the story of explosive growth in dating apps Part 2

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Love at first sight: the psychology of Tinder

According to the creators of Tinder, the relationship between users of their service is a reflection of the interaction between people in everyday life. When you sit at the bar and wondering if we should meet the girl or guy next to you at your disposal a very meager amount of information. Make the decision on the basis of a person’s appearance.

All the same Tinder. Initially, you are shown only the picture of the potential partner, and you decide to swap notes left or right. Thus, in contrast to a bar or any other establishment, here, you can rest assured that you are interested in people do not mind getting to know someone.

A serious flaw of traditional Dating websites is that many users (usually women) receive countless messages from people with whom they would never have agreed to go on a date. Tinder, this problem is solved by the use of double confirmation.

This system also significantly reduces the level of anxiety. Starting a dialogue, people already know about mutual interest, because both did a swipe to the right on the form. From a psychological point of view, this is an extremely important factor.

Filling out the questionnaire on the classic Dating sites requires a lot of time. Through integration with Facebook and the App Store check, Tinder requires almost no effort. Man, I first heard about the app, already after a couple of minutes may be involved in the process of finding pairs.

Expansion of functionality

In June 2013, the app now has an additional feature — a Matchmaker. It allowed users to introduce between other people.

Adding seemingly simple functions Tinder has opened up new horizons. Before the advent of Matchmaker audience of the platform was limited to single people seeking a couple. The introduction of a new mode included in the potential service users those who are not looking for a partner for myself but would like to help find the perfect pair to someone in his entourage.

In November 2013 the opportunity arose to distribute the profiles by groups (e.g. “friends from France” or “people who like to play bowling”). In addition, the application has to support 24 new languages.

In June 2014, Tinder has acquired the function of Moments, which allows users to share the events of his life. This can be done by adding photographs that are automatically deleted from the profile after 24 hours.

Having achieved resounding success in the United States, Tinder the leadership began to take steps to withdraw service, on the international level.

As of November 2013, the largest foreign markets for the company are Brazil and the UK. Followers in those countries were daily growing at around 2%.

According to the analytical system App, Annie in February 2015 Tinder has been the most popular lifestyle app on Android in the US, the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Chile and the Philippines.

Among lifestyle apps on iOS Tinder has become the leader in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Brazil, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Malta.

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The ad was not originally considered by the Tinder as a way of making a profit. However, in 2014, users saw on their screens advertising the Comedy series “the Mindy Project” (The Mindy Project).

March 2, 2015, announced the launch of TinderPlus — paid plan, the price of which depends on the age of the user, his place of residence, and in some cases also gender. For most users, the cost of maintenance at this rate is $9.99 per month ($19,99 for people over 30 years).

TinderPlus offers a number of additional features, such as:

  • Rewind, allowing you to return to any profile in the case of an erroneous swipe (one of the most requested features);
  • Access to the profiles of users from around the world without reference to the location of the user.

Of course, Tinder is not spared the problem of fake accounts created to deceive users or send spam. As an example is game Castle Clash, which was distributed by spam-bots:

Links to third-party resources are often imposed directly on the photo, which significantly complicates the fight against spam:

The rate of growth that Tinder shows since the launch, is impressive. However, you must understand that to a large extent this growth of the service is obliged to Millennials, who are quickly taking interest their products but just as quickly abandon bored.

The process of interaction with the Tinder app is intuitive and very exciting, yet extremely monotonous. The company raises the question: how to extend the life cycle of the client? It is possible that at some point InterActiveCorp will have to make major changes to the service concept.

However, while the mechanism is working properly. And millions of people around the world continue swap it in search of the perfect pair.

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