The use of stem cells for modern medicine

Medicine is not in place, and confirmation of this is the phenomenon of the use of stem cells. This method implies a development of medicine for several decades ahead. This is a very impressive method of treatment of certain types of diseases. The use of stem cells may solve a number of problems which until now was solved by means of surgical interventions. It is worth noting that for most people it is one of the best ways will be cured, and thus obtain the chance at a new life. Technology with the use of stem cells gives a really amazing result, which extends the possibility of transplantation of organs.

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Why use stem cells? The fact that they dominate the ability to redevelop in the cells of the tissues belonging to different organs are dependent on their environment. One such cell can give a huge amount of himself to such functional cells (descendants). Worldwide studies of genetic modification, with a particular intensity of their build-up. A huge number of diseases that are incurable by the conventional medical way, have been the main object and has attracted the strongest attention from researchers and scientists.

During fertilization a zygote eggs, one fertilized egg can be divided into several, in this process originate new cells. After this separation, these cells transmit genetic information to other generations of cells. But the main point remains that these cells do not yet have their specialization, so their use allows rebuilding their mechanism, for a specific goal. Then in the future, they will serve as the basis for the creation of any bodies.

Every person has stem cells, they are directly in the tissues of the bone marrow. Stem cells are clearly visible in people of young age, especially easy to detect in young children. With regard to older people, they are present in their body, but less visible, and their number is small.

Stem cells effectively treat such diseases as stroke, heart attack, injuries, tumors. Thanks to the regenerating properties of stem cells, medical establishments of this type are widely spread in developed countries. Banks store cells frozen for a long time, despite this method of storing all the positive qualities, will remain for a long period. Parents after the birth of a baby can be placed in a Bank the cord blood thereby to ensure the baby’s health for a lifetime.

If you look at the statistics, you notice that about 75% of the population die without waiting for the queue for transplantation of diseased organs. Because stem cells could save their lives as the main source for the needed organs. For the treatment of spinal cord using stem cells or previously made pure cultures, which will eventually be reconstructed in the appropriate fabric. In medicine, everyday use of stem cells can help cure many diseases and sick people get hope for life.

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