The history of the brands of home appliances

Technique 1886 year, German inventor Robert Bosch organized a workshop of Mechanics and electrical equipment. Bosch had produced a magneto for gasoline engines and sold (magneto – a device to generate a spark in the engine – type power plant).

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1901 — workshop was expanded and turned into a plant with forty employees. 1906 Bosch begins to build factories in other countries and produces any equipment for vehicles. The first world war heavily destroyed communication Bosch and stalled growth of the brand. In 20-ies of the 20th century begins the production of household appliances. In 1933, the brand creates the first refrigerator refrigeration drum, weighing 80 kg with a capacity of 60 liters.

1951 — the production of food processors and washing machines. Bosch mottos – “Better lose money than the confidence of the people, Sell the best of the best”, “Happy partner is more important than monetary benefit”. The reputation of the Robert Bosch Foundation has always been very high.

12 Mar 1942 Robert Bosch is gone to another world, but the firm survived and developed further. 1967 — a merger of Bosch and Siemens. Created by BSH, she became 3rd in the world in terms of production of household appliances.

Currently, Bosch is more than three hundred subsidiaries companies. 43 factories in Germany and throughout Europe, Asia and South America. Bosch and Siemens bought brand Construct a Nef, USA, VIVA, Pitts (Greece), Lynx, Balay (Spain), Codex, Gaggenau, THERMADOR, Profile (Turkey), Zelmer (Poland).

The company produces all types of large and small household appliances. The logo of the concern — the engine in the circle was from the beginning. Official website

In each device there something. For example, in refrigerators. All refrigerators and freezers Bosch are made without harmful to the environment FCKW.

All the shelves on the door and inside the refrigerator are rearranged. In the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment – because of this increased usable volume, and it’s easy to care for.

Infancy models of refrigerators, you can adjust the humidity in the vegetable container for vegetables. This contributes to better storage of moisture and creates a suitable microclimate for storing your fruits and fresh vegetables. In refrigerators of the brand, there is a convenient container convenient inside the refrigerator compartment and more. Each group has its own brand of know-how and highlights.

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