Stereotypes in the media

The act of Stereotyping is a fixed conventional notion of individual or a group of people, and therefore, Stereotype is viewed as part of propaganda which plays a very crucial role in the modern society.  Stereotypes are common they can either be categorized as either basic or complex, and they are applied to either a group of people or individuals based on their appearance. However, it has become harder to eliminate stereotypes despite the fact that the world is improving.

For a long time stereotypes have existed in our everyday life it is common in religion, politics and the media.  Human beings have a tendency to use stereotype while describing others and even in emphasizing on what they believe. It is important to note that stereotypes are not always perceived to be negative, therefore; this essay will dwell upon discussing the stereotypes in the media. Media have a great influence on its views, and thus, it is easy for them to influence the viewer’s   judgments based on the information they receive this is done through propaganda (Gorham, 2004).

It is common that in today’s media it is evident that stereotype is driving the media thus attracting more viewers. It is with the help of Stereotypes that a point of intersection arrives at, that is research between social science and humanities.  It is true that Stereotypes creates many assumptions and as a result, it changes our thinking. Most shows on the media are full of stereotyped content a good example is the Apu, which is mostly discriminated the show is characterized as the Indian immigrant, and the characters are viewed to be of dissimilar accent (Wolska, 2016).  Because of the little knowledge that the viewers have on the show that believes that the information presented to them is very accurate. Therefore, the use of stereotypes in the media has contributed to them polarizing most of their TV shows.

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