South Korea plans to launch 5G connection until 2020

Shortened 5G, 5th-generation cellular sites or 5th-generation wireless methods, would be the recommended standards that are next beyond the present 4G/IMT-Advanced requirements.

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Communication 5G according to news authoritative Systems Agency Yonhap News, South Korea plans to launch a bond modification 5G. It is necessary to add that various state agencies plan to directly invest approximately 1.51 billion dollars for the qualitative transition to cellular networks of the next generation.

As noted by the staff of the project, the transmission of data information in the format of the new network will be implemented in 150 times faster than modern LTE networks format. It should also be noted that the first the network wanted to hold American corporations. However, their project officially postponed until 2024. That is why South Korea may be the first state in which to receive the communication class 5G.

Some third-party observers have noted that the construction of the revolutionary networks will help the South Korean government to attract additional funding that will be spent on the construction of a fairly large number of mobile towers.

In 2020 many of the South Korean mobile phone users can download to their telephones, tablet devices and laptops any files with unprecedented speed. In particular, the film of a total size of 800 Megabytes to load to the handheld device user in just fifteen seconds. For business connectivity is no less interesting than for ordinary users.

As noted by government officials who supervise the above project, the tariffs for a new type of communication will be virtually no different from the payment that is withdrawn from the accounts of the owners of smartphones for the use of class networks LTE. In the first year, the South Korean government intends to connect to 5G networks, more than 68 percent of its residents who have modern portable gadgets.

It should also be noted that until that time, the plans for the global introduction of 5G communication voiced Japanese cell Corporation NTT DoCoMo Professional. Employees of the main offices of this company said that the relevant network could be built by 2015. However, due to some financial problems the cellular operator, the Japanese project was officially postponed to 2025.

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