Smartwatch from LG will not work so long

Smart watches from LG despite the development of a dedicated operating system for wearable gadgets, LG was not able to provide their “smart” hours battery life more than a day and a half. The information came from an unofficial source and was published by a Twitter user under the name of “leaks”. He published photos of the new device and brought some of his technical characteristics.

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If the information is confirmed, then this watch will be the first gadget running a special Android Wear OS. Unfortunately, the short period of use future watch is a disadvantage, because the same test model from the Japanese Sony and Korean company Samsung can withstand up to four days of Autonomous work own smart watch. Earlier, Samsung announced the first generation of its wearable gadgets at its own operating system Tizen. This move contributed to the increase in time of offline work. Although this is “nothing” compared to a conventional clock, it is probably better to purchase a sporty or classic watches.

According to the information received, the new device LG-W100 will be with a 1.65-inch screen at a resolution of 280х280. The gadget will work on the basis of processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 in its last modification. The native memory of 4 GB and 512 MB of RAM makes the device a worthy competitor of similar products of other companies. Unfortunately, the external card reading developers is not provided.

The watch can communicate with a smartphone via Bluetooth and non-standard five-pin microUSB connector. The capacity built-in battery is about 400 milliamp-hours. The weight of the new gadget from LG will be 61 grams, with dimensions of 38х46,5×10 mm. it Is a significant plus compared to the relatively heavy Gear 2 Neo from Samsung.

On the official website of the company LG has released images of the new device. At the presentation of the new smartphone LG G3 was shown the frame of the “smart “watch went into system devices, the company LG, however, officially their characteristics still remain unknown. According to unconfirmed information, Samsung will start selling “smart” watches under the brand name G Watch in July. It is assumed that the cost of the device will be around 11 thousand rubles. According to forecasts of the media, presentation of the new device will take place at the conference Google developers (since the OS is just their production) on 25 and 26 June in the United States.

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