A Shocking Future: Without Smartphones and Homemade Food

In the future, the food sphere will turn into the field of personalization of food and the creation of functional mixtures, and the block will burst into cloudy gaming.

Mankind will actively use the Big Data and artificial intelligence, writes “High Tech”.

In the production of food, experts rely on “artificial food”.

If we learn to produce high-quality and delicious meat without killing millions of animals – it will be very cool. Still there will be a functional food – people will prepare even less and more often there is not just a ready meal, but some mixtures enriched with the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins. This industry already exists and is growing, but now it looks very tough. Over time, its development will be more harmonious.

Shops and markets will remain, but the leading position in the food industry will still not be a restaurant sphere, but food delivery services. At the moment, AI technologies and big data are already used, which predict what the user will order and what needs to be prepared. The next step is to automate production by 60% or more and switch to efficient production with the maximum stable parameters and stable efficiency. And then the process of ordering and delivery is automated in logistics.

There is also a revolution in education. Education is actively adapting to the requirements of the time, developing in three directions. The first is the personalization of programs for a particular student, taking into account the level of knowledge, experience and interests. The second is the use of online platforms and mobile devices in education: games, dictionaries, textbooks, podcasts. The third is the withdrawal from the classical “from teacher to student” training scheme.

Smartphones will be threatened with extinction if all the Internet with its interface goes to AR (augmented reality). The perception of information will be through wearable gadgets and accessories, and we will move on to the concept of “The Best Interface is No Interface”. If the Internet, in its usual sense, still continues its development, then it will go towards decentralization and blockchain-protocols.

In the sphere of gaming in the future there will be a complete transition to the P2P-model. Users will be able to rent the PCs of other players on a par with conventional GPU-servers.

It’s no longer the news that Google has made progress in the Medical Brain project, which allows predicting the likelihood of a patient’s death.

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