A selection of useful gadgets for a student

Every year new devices come out, which greatly simplify the student life.

Thanks to gadgets “go to the library” and take the book in 2 clicks. Technical innovations give new opportunities for study and entertainment.

Here are 5 popular devices that will help students learn more effectively.

Mobile phone

Students can be divided into 2 types:

Owners of smartphones;

Those who are satisfied with the “brick” with a weekly battery reserve.

The smartphone is useful in studies, as it supports the download of useful applications necessary for study.

However, the phone is not only good, but also entertainment. With the help of the gadget, students exchange information, do selfies, upload photos to Instagram, communicate in Facebook.

The five popular brands of phones

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • HTC
  • Nokia

A laptop

The student needs mobility. Remember the time when you were 100 times over to check your course and every time there were errors. It is much easier to immediately make edits, not at home, when many comments have already flown out of my head.

Gamer laptops – an entertainment center after a busy school day, where students play games on the network, watch movies in good quality, communicate with friends.

The tablet

The tablet is suitable for surfing the Internet, exchanging letters and working with images.

Top three popular brands:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo

The tablet is often considered as an alternative to a laptop. We would not advise completely to give up the laptop. If you need to quickly type the text, throw on the flash drive course or draw a drawing, then the tablet is not an assistant.


Increasingly, young people prefer paper readers to readers. This is convenient, because you do not need to carry heavy books, sit in libraries, looking for the necessary material.

The readers are small, compact, easily fit in a purse. The standard screen size is 5 or 6 inches, there are large ones – up to 8-10 inches.

Additional convenience – the font size, which can be set for your eyesight.


Dictaphone is used not only by journalists. Teachers in universities give a huge amount of information and lecture at a fairly fast pace. A professional voice recorder will come to the aid of the student. Listening to lectures is more convenient on the road, and at home you can easily compose a summary.

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