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Today there are many options to use gadgets running the Android operating system. They are designed for convenience and added the comfort of the user. Suppose you have a smartphone or tablet with an HDMI output that you decided to connect to my TV to watch a movie on the big screen. For many users, this may be inconvenient, because there is no way to remotely control a process, such as when using media player.

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But from this situation, you can find the exit. If you have another device on the operating system Android, then you can take it and with a special free app Tablet Remote, to turn it into a remote to control any gadget that is at your disposal. Simply install the program on both the gadget and customize it accordingly.

Android: remote control via Tablet Remote Program Tablet Remote allows users to control video playback and music. It allows you to adjust the volume and brightness of the image, and send the command “Play”, “Pause”, “Rewind”, “Switching between tracks”. Also, the user has the possibility of filing system commands: “Back”, “Menu”, “Home”, “Search”. You can also enter text on the second device using the onscreen keyboard. For this, you do not need to have Root privileges for both devices. Configuration to configure this program to work, you must start it on both devices. Then you should turn on both Bluetooth devices to connect devices to each other. To do this, select the Connection – Scan Devices.

After devices are discovered, you have to press Make Device Discoverable. This will allow you to display your device in the list. Bluetooth is activated by default only 2 minutes, so be sure to set each device have this limitation. Now on the device, you want to manage, you need to enter the settings open the previously running program and click on Setup.

Next, you need to include such options as “Enable Tablet Remote” and “Change The Input method For Tablet Remote”. With all these manipulations, you can configure remote control Android. After you have completed all settings, you can click on the gadget, which is used as remote control button Remote. After that, it will open a window which simulates the controls. With it, you will be able to send to the second device the necessary commands. To enable full-screen mode, you need to use in the settings section of your app the option Hide Status Bar. This program works perfectly on phones and tablets. Remote control Using this feature gives the user certain advantages. Firstly, it is possible to determine the location of the device. Second, it is possible to ring the device, forcibly incorporating the maximum volume of sound. In addition, if you have an app to remote control administrator, you will also be able to lock the phone or erase the device personal information.

So, suppose you have an Android phone and wondering the possibility of remote control. First of all, you need to make sure that you are using on your device Google supports it. If you Google you will see page “Remote control Android”, then the device can work. Otherwise, you will need to check the option to install updates. After that you need to go to settings and select the appropriate point at which to confirm, you need to install one or more ticks. This work on configuring remote management can be considered completed. Note that the device cannot accept commands and to ship information about your location if it has no possibility of access to the Internet. It turns out that you need to enable connection of a mobile data transmission for that user, of course, will be charged fees. You can also configure the Wi-Fi connection.

However, to find the device over Wi-Fi is only in the coverage area of one access point. For example, you will be able to ring the device, if lost his home. Android: remote control via browser via browser to go to the page remote control? We must first navigate from the main page Google Play, and then proceed as follows. Click on the icon “Settings” which is located in the upper right corner. Then select the menu item “Remote control of Android”. Now you can see on the map your gadget. Other possibilities With Android devices you can remotely manage the computer.

There is an app – Splashtop 2 – Remote Desktop for Android. It is a quite convenient and useful program with which you can set up remote access to your PC. Doesn’t matter where you are. You will be able to control your computer from anywhere, using for this purpose a device based on the Android operating system. It is very convenient. This feature allows the user to always have access to important data that is stored on the hard drive of your computer, even if you are from him at a great distance. You can also stream entertainment available on your computer if you want. Using a tablet or phone, you can play any game installed on your personal computer.

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The installation program will First need to download the Android version of the program. Then you have to launch the app and register it by creating a new account. To do this, enter your password and email address. To log in to the computer via the Android device, you must download and install a program on your computer Splashtop Streamer. When you follow all these steps, you will start the program and enter your email address and password. Thus it is possible to obtain full control over the information stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It is understood that the implementation of these operations is a mandatory condition must be connecting both devices to the Internet. Experience with these features of the operating system Android is difficult to overestimate. In the modern world the ability to remotely control needed in order to access the computer from anywhere in the world.

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