ITunes U Support: iPad study

The annual growth of devices connected to the Internet, as well as the evolution of data storage systems, are contributing to increasing the share of global information by the Network. For many, the network becomes the second reality and an integral part of life. Students, schoolchildren and all the rest hurry home to continue to communicate on the web. Internet they enjoy often not for educational purposes. But youth is the best time for learning. The potential that is embedded in the global network in the field of education was mentioned back in the last century. Apple even conceived the idea of uniting educational centers with students of the Internet. You can add a phrase – using a tablet.

But only in May 2007 the idea was transformed into a real project called iTunes U. His vocation is to distribute educational materials under the authorship of leading world universities to computer devices of ordinary Americans. The installed iTunes U software on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch will provide the user with a convenient and beautiful interface to the huge information database of free video courses, lectures, books and other interesting resources from leading educational institutions.

Recently Apple has created a new page for users of iTunes U service. It offers download the latest version of iTunes client, as well as get acquainted with the subject itself. Like, what is iTunes U?

From the left information column in the Using iTunes U tab you are offered to download the latest version of this program. Also, just below on the page you can get acquainted with the advantage of student accounts in iTunes U, iTunes U settings for Mac computers and computers running Windows.

The next tab under the heading iTunes U Course Manager hides the description of the administration service. iTunes U Course Manager is a web service, it gives authors the tools to distribute and edit educational content.

The last tab from the list – iTunes U Public Site Manager – contains a description of popular issues on content control, the publication of educational materials in the Apple Store.

This support service is entirely in English, and iTunes U itself is aimed at learning material of foreign origin. Nevertheless, this fact is not a barrier to education: a lot of the inhabitants of our planet possess knowledge of English.

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