How to properly clean the system unit

Note at once: to clean the system unit it is possible only in case if your computer is no longer under warranty, otherwise open the seal, of this warranty you will lose. For starters, arm yourself with a brush with stiff bristles and a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle, together they provide an excellent result. If you have no brush, you can successfully replace your old toothbrush – the stiffness of its bristles would be perfect. Let’s start. The first step is thorough hand washing with soap and water. We need to be sure that no grease or dirt on the circuit Board will not fall.

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So my hands and wipe them with a towel – the moisture we also do not need. Disconnect the system unit from the mains 220V. This step is also very important, because the voltage is not only dangerous to life, and does not need cleaning. Take out all of the plugs with the back cover, from all the ports. We only need the system unit, disconnected from all external devices. I recommend to put the unit on a stool or table, so it will be easier to work because we have to literally get into every crevice.

From the back cover usually has on 4-6 bolts that need to Unscrew, otherwise, you will not be able to remove the side cover. So, untwist the bolt and remove the side panel, I advise you all to put in one place, so you do not look around the room. In some computers on the side can be set cooler – it also shoots. If possible, open the window so the dust doesn’t stay long in the room. Dust yet? Don’t worry, because we haven’t started seriously looking for her. Turn the vacuum cleaner on blowing, and carefully go through all the available boards, making sure that the dust flew somewhere to the side. Now turn off the vacuum cleaner and put out the brush (the brush), we remove dust sticking too much. Then again, turn on the vacuum cleaner and once more, are passed “in the final.” The first step is finished, the surface we have cleaned. Unscrew fastening of the power supply, disconnect it and disassemble, clean.

Trying to clean everything: video card, RAM bar, the surface of the hard drive. You may have to unplug some connectors, and the RAM is removed, do it very carefully and in order, so you do not get lost in the connectors. If you think that you can not cope, you better not turn off. Pay special attention to the coolers: they need to blow everything! Do not remove radiators, not everyone can properly install them in place. Don’t hurry, the cleaning may take from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the degree of contamination and your qualifications. Of course, the first time it will be a long one. Alternately, use a vacuum cleaner and brush to remove dust. Imagine you are on an archaeological dig. It would be nice to disassemble the cooler and drip silicone lube in the bearings, but this should be done only in the case if you are not afraid to break.

Between the processor and the heat sink, it is desirable to upgrade the thermal paste, but the climb there can be only experienced craftsmen who know how to do it. Blow out again with a vacuum cleaner and you are ready to build. Put in place all the boards, connectors, fasten the bolts that unscrewed. Just remember, you are working with computers, this requires a weak effort, anywhere power should not be applied. However, all boards should sit tight. Check that there are no extra bolts (except jokes often have some left over), put in place all the cover and connected to the system unit external device is disabled in the first stage. Turn on the computer. If the machine is turned on and does not emit uncharacteristic for her sounds, congratulations, you have successfully completed your cleaning.

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If something is wrong, turn off the power and bring the system unit to the workshop, describing the steps that have been taken. Want to clean dust from a laptop? You know, usually, the user just needs to open the cover and look at the details to climb because it is too fragile to experiment, especially if you’re the even system the unit has never been cleaned. For cleaning the notebook from dust, we recommend calling the master at home.

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