How to fix “not enough space” on Android?

Memory on any desktop or mobile device is not unlimited. For this reason, users should remember that do not need to download on your gadget too many programs, applications and other objects that do not carry many benefits. When working with devices with Android such problem arises more often because the memory is sometimes quite small. Download from Play store is often enough, but difficulties may arise in connection with insufficiency of free space. The problem is very widespread this. Especially often faced with it is the users beginners.

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This category of a user is not always able to correct the situation yourself if it turns out that the free space is enough. A few important points which it is impossible to miss even If the user downloads the object directly on the memory card, the internal memory of the mobile gadget is also widely used. So a certain amount of memory still needs to be busy. Internal memory cannot be involved until the very end. This is because for the normal functioning of the operating system is required to provide a certain amount of memory.

So if you experience any problems with the memory, Android will report it. If memory was not enough, the app download will be threatened. Users will have to clean the place, to eventually make the installation more important software. Not necessary to use a special utility, because they can automatically delete an important software.

The effect of such programs is not as positive as initially expected. The reality is different: the slow work of a mobile device and a fast enough discharge. Real methods to resolve the problem. Remove unwanted apps Every user needs to learn how to sort useful and little useful objects. This allows us to quickly identify all those software that are rarely used or damaged. Why keep unnecessary information? Hardly anyone just wants to clog their own gadget “garbage”. For this reason, you should periodically check all installed on the machine programs, games, and other items. You might wonder, but some utilities can be downloaded without the user’s knowledge, and eventually will “eat” the memory cell. In this case, will have to explore the list of all built-in objects, and then to get rid of some. Also, welcome the transfer of data to the SD card. This option is suitable only in the case if the program actually used and cannot be removed.

Then just move the object. You will need to visit the settings section. It will show all the apps that were pre-loaded on the device with Android. Little used and unnecessary objects are removed and valuable software portable to removable storage. The transfer procedure takes only a few seconds. Clearing the cache This option should also be implemented. Everyday users perform online surfing. At each step of the user is fixed. All of this accumulates in your browser history. Users can genuinely be surprised to find out how much can be used for available memory is wasted. Successful option involves holding a clear application cache. Quite often the memory can reach several gigabytes. Need for cleaning go to settings mobile or tablet. Next, open the tab with the storage and USB drives. On the screen at this point will open a few points, among which will also be the data partition of the cache. Sometimes the memory footprint can reach several gigabytes of extremely valuable internal memory, the size of which in the mobile gadgets is not large.

Activate the option clear the cache. You can then check the memory to understand how much space has actually been freed. You can clear the information stored in the browser and delete the cache for individual apps. Pre-selected specific objects. Sometimes the error about insufficient space on the device is directly related to the update of a particular application. So you need to try to clear the data against a particular element. After that, you must test the effectiveness of this methodology. Clean the data cache can be made about storage. To do this, activate the option in the corresponding section of this device. Always keep in mind one thing: in fact, the space occupied by the application is greater than the specified value in the list of apps. Some additional suggestions for correcting the error If the user still has a chance to get acquainted with this unpleasant error, you can try a few other variations on how you can get rid of it.

Don’t underestimate the problem of this nature, because it’s not just that you can’t install other objects. Quite often not timely the decision it leads to more global issues – incorrect operation of the software. For this reason, it is crucial to quickly eliminate all the causes that contributed to the emergence of problems of this nature. Quite effective is to conduct manipulations associated with removing updates and much other information directly related to Google Play and Play store.

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Elimination contributes to the implementation of a series of successive events. The first thing you need to open settings. Next, go to the search all of the applications with which you are working need to find Google Play and then choose this service. After that, it’s in the item store to make the removal of cache and other unnecessary information. Then come back to the screen showing information about all available applications. Now we need to find the menu button and click on it. Activate the option to uninstall updates. The Google Play completed. Users should do the same with other services. Play store requires the implementation of an identical manipulation. So you need to do the work, and then to check out how it helped in solving the problem.

Untested methods and no universal ways that can be risky Also, users can try to produce a few more options. Some of them are not suitable for all mobile devices. So to implement methods to account for this need to be mandatory. Clearing Dalvik Cache is assumed in this embodiment. The implementation process should begin with logging into the Recovery menu. This information can be found on numerous sites. Enter in the corresponding web query, and then shows the desired information.

The option called Wipe cache partition need to find the Advanced option and select it. Next, select the option Wipe Dalvik Cache. for you need to understand that making other adjustments is not necessary, since these actions may eventually hurt the gadget. After clearing the cache you must boot the device in normal mode. You can also confirm that the technique helped or not. The next option is possible only while maintaining Root access. The method is effective only under one condition – the error occurred by reason of the execution of the application upgrade. Users will also need to use the file Manager provided support root access. Will need to find the folder that is called /data/app-lib/appname/. It includes a few objects. Need to find the “lib” folder, and then delete it.

Then to test the effectiveness of the manipulations. If the effect is zero, then you need to get rid of that entire folder in full. It is also proposed to use another method, whose effectiveness is not guaranteed. The performance of the methods could not be proven. For this reason, the option is not for all use. You will need to try to move apps from data/app to /system/app/. The feature is implemented thanks to Root Explorer.

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