How an imagination of one man can change our world Part 3

Finally convinced the harm of leisure, Musk went back to work. As its influence declined in PayPal, Elon remembered his childhood fascination with space. Musk felt that the world had lost faith in a better future, and wanted to inspire humanity to new achievements. Initially, plans Mask was very naive — he was going to buy an old Russian ballistic missile and use it to send spacecraft to Mars. Turned down the project — Musk did not agree on the price with the sellers. Then he came up with the idea of producing small, efficient rockets that can conquer the market of a commercial transport to orbit due to the low cost of startup.

At the time, the Mask hadn’t a clue about rocket science. The scope of work he imagined it, so to assign itself overly optimistic deadlines that were impossible to meet. Critics often reproached the Mask of lies, but the Musk really believed in his words and worked tirelessly to make said life. The same attitude he was expecting from their employees, so people who are not ready for the plow for twelve or sixteen hours a day did not stay long with the Mask.

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In June 2002 he founded Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). Initially, Musk wanted to make the engines and other parts to buy from third-party suppliers. But he quickly became convinced that an acceptable quality can be achieved only by oneself.

In parallel, the Musk became interested in electric vehicles. It was prompted by two fun — first Elon met a talented engineer Jeffrey Strobel, who worked on an economical battery for an electric vehicle, and then crossed with Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, the founders of the company Tesla Motors, whose aim was the establishment of electric vehicle new generation. The mask fell in love with the idea and invested in Tesla seven million, becoming the largest shareholder. In the operational management of the company remained in the hands of Eberhard and Tarpenning.

The first two prototypes of the Tesla Roadster was greeted with enthusiasm, and the company began to receive orders. But the attempt to move from piece production to mass almost led to the collapse.

Among the first passengers of the Tesla Roadster was the then Governor of California. Both companies Musk has funded from his own pocket and therefore was on the verge of bankruptcy. The accounts of the Mask melted away, and the first SpaceX Falcon 1 rocket, four years behind schedule. The first three Falcon 1 launch ended in failure. A series of failures at the start — not uncommon in the space industry, but SpaceX could not afford such luxury. Engineers corrected all the shortcomings and the fourth launch was successful, but the fifth was no more money.

NASA used to have a stupid principle that mistakes are unacceptable. In my company failure is possible. If something is falling apart, then you are not well off.

The founder of Tesla, Martin Eberhard suffered heavy resignation as Governor and launched a media campaign against the Mask. Their relationship remained strained, although Eberhard later admitted that without the Mask of Tesla, be ruined at the very beginning.

Tesla fared even worse. Contractors have constantly disrupted the supply of parts, costs increased, and the audience began to lose patience. The cost of a vehicle according to the optimistic forecasts were 170-200 thousand dollars, and Tesla was planning to sell the Roadster for 85 thousand. Musk was disappointed in the leadership of Eberhard and ousted him. Martin suffered a hard dismissal and launched a media campaign against the Mask. Their relationship remained strained, but Eberhard later admitted that without the Mask of Tesla would be ruined in the beginning.

In life, Ilona has fallen on hard times. No one seriously believed in the success of his undertakings, and repeated failures of SpaceX and Tesla did not strengthen his reputation. In the leaked rumors about the financial problems of companies.

Rolled down the slope and personal life. For Ilona, the family always stood in second place after work. Although Elon and Justine have been known for many years and raised five children, she always felt that her husband was a sort of accessory. Their marriage has stalled, and Elon filed for divorce. Musk reacted to the divorce process as a business project and sought the most convenient result. The press wondered why a multimillionaire arguing with the mother of his five children on the amount of compensation. But Elon could not afford the extra costs.

In December 2008, the Mask ran out of money. If by January I Don’t found the necessary funds, Tesla could declare bankruptcy, and employees of SpaceX would be nothing to pay salaries. Musk estimated that it will have to sacrifice one of the companies for the sake of another, but was unable to make a choice.

The representation of any new product Musk turns in the show. Musk has found the money at the last moment. He put the remnants of their funds in Tesla and convinced investors to believe in her one more time. And with SpaceX he just got lucky. Musk tried to convince NASA that his company can become a contractor for the transport of goods into orbit. And 23 December 2008 the space Agency has signed with SpaceX half billion contract for twelve flights to the ISS.

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And here beginnings the Mask is operated at full capacity, and of the man who for years promised, promised and promised again, he turned to a man who started to do. SpaceX now owns several records, and Musk is not going to stop there.

The first Falcon 1 launches were conducted from the launch pad on the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The engineers at SpaceX conducted in the tropics for several years, eliminating all the problems and defects.

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