How an imagination of one man can change our world Part 4

At Tesla, things are going well too. Tesla Roadster sold well, but the real hit was released in 2012 model S. Tesla Motors is positioning it as an “iPhone on wheels”. Even the spread is based on the model Apple — Tesla sells cars over the Internet and special sales outlets located in major shopping malls. Owners of the model S almost no need to pay for the service. The program automatically updated via the Internet, and to any electric charging stations, Tesla owners can charge their cars for free. Or if in a hurry, can change the battery, but for the money. In addition to cars, Tesla produces batteries for electric cars other companies, and sale of batteries brings you, even more, income.

Even if there’s a zombie Apocalypse, you will still be able to travel through gas stations and the Tesla Supercharging system.

Succeeds and one venture Mask company SolarCity, created by Elon and his cousins. SolarCity is one of the largest providers of solar energy in America, last year the value of its assets was estimated at 7 billion.

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However, the life Mask can not be called carefree. He says he puts before itself three objectives: to provide mankind environmentally friendly transport and energy sources and to help build colonies on other worlds. Elon wants to die on Mars. And if the first two tasks are close to the fulfillment, to the third still to go on and on.

Musk believes SpaceX the main task of the conquest of other planets in the Solar system. He plans to start with Mars. Spacecraft Dragon V2, SpaceX is now developing for the needs of NASA, ideally, should be the basis for missions to the Red planet, but the ambitions of the Mask extend much further. Recently, the Mogul said that to create a colony on Mars the planet needs to terraform. For these purposes, Musk proposes to use… thermonuclear weapons. According to his calculations, the explosion of two thermonuclear bombs in the atmosphere near the poles of Mars will start the reaction by heating the planet and eventually turn it into a more favorable place for humans. I would like to die on Mars. Only, of course, not in the failed landing. The name of the Falcon 1 rocket was in honor of the ship “Millennium Falcon” from “Star wars”.

What is hyperloop?

And in 2009, Musk lashed out on the high-speed rail project, which would connect San Francisco and Los Angeles. He said that this will be the most expensive road in the world. Alternatively, Musk has proposed a draft high-speed Hyperloop vacuum train, powered by solar panels. Hyperloop is a huge overhead pipeline through which upwards of thousands of kilometers per hour to move passenger and cargo capsules.According to calculations Mask, Hyperloop will be cheaper several times, capsules will move with small intervals, and the road between the two cities is only half an hour. However, the Mask does not intend to engage in the construction and is planning to put drawings of the project in open access. Today, there are several teams who are ready to implement the vision of Ilona in life.

For his second wife, actress Talula Riley, Musk was married twice. And both times the Union did not last long, and for the first time filed for divorce, Tallulah, and a second Elon himself.

Despite all his success, the Mask is often criticized. The press has estimated that since the founding of SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity received a total of $ 5 billion in the form of state orders, subsidies and tax incentives. The mask of the accused that without the help of uncle Sam, he would have achieved nothing.

However, even with state assistance, he achieved what could not be anyone. And hardly could do it, if a not strength of character. Friends tell that the Mask is strict and sometimes violent with employees and partners. He completely ignores the feelings of others. However, the employees of SpaceX and Tesla loyal to his boss and say that, although he incorrigible asshole, he knows what he wants, and knows how to infect others with optimism. Elon does not tolerate excuses, excuses, and delays, but when there are difficulties, the first called to help.

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Work week Mask exceeds one hundred hours. He actually lives at work and constantly flying between the offices on a private plane to save time.It seeks to be aware of all the problems his subordinates, and the norm for him to answer an email from the staff within half an hour, even if it came late at night.

To Mask the comparison with Ironman is really like — he installed a large portrait of the hero in the lobby of my office.

Ideas Elon musk seem madness, but time and again he is right, just that society has not kept pace with his thoughts. In another world Elon Musk is a great fit for the role of villain in the next series of “James bond”, but his passion for science, space, and fiction interfere to detect unscrupulous businessman. He remains a visionary, worried about a better future for all mankind living in an era when the brightest minds thinking about how to cram more pictures of cats in a post on the social network.

I like to participate in projects that change the world. This made the Internet, and space is likely to change the world more than anything. If humanity can go beyond the limits of the Earth, it is obvious that there lies his future.

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