Genetic engineering and subcutaneous chips: a scientist told how Google and Apple can seize power over humanity

In the future, today’s technological giants – the corporation Google and Apple will have such a big impact that they can literally control the humanity

This was stated by the British scientist Pierson Yen, reports HighTech.

He noted that over the past decades, these corporations have invested billions of dollars in the development of artificial intelligence. The analyst believes that in the near future, companies will also pay attention to biotechnology, and eventually develop projects to implant in the bodies of people special chips that analyze their behavior and body condition.

In the opinion of the scientist, in the future, governments of states can even allow corporations to influence the neurons of people.

Futurist emphasizes that corporations will pay attention not only to the technological side of such projects, but also to biological ones. So, in his opinion, specialists are already studying the possibilities of introducing genetic engineering for the treatment of various diseases and pathologies.


Ian noted that all these factors in the future will give corporations virtually unlimited influence on people’s lives: they can manage the leisure of the population, guarantee people immortality and even kill people at their discretion.


Earlier it was reported that the British parliamentary commission proposed to deal with unreliable news. For the spread of fakes, the British propose to approve additional taxes. In particular, Internet companies Facebook, Google and Twitter came under the sights of parliamentarians, from which, in fact, it is proposed to take a fee.

In the British parliament it is considered necessary to give companies a special status, which provides for increased responsibility for the disseminated data.

“We are now faced with a crisis in the use of data on the Internet and manipulation of personal data,” the report of the commission on digital technologies, culture and media says, in particular.

Recall, Zuckerberg was on the brink of collapse after Facebook lost a couple of hours 150 billion.

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