Forecast for the development of social networks in 2017 Part 2

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  1. Facebook will dominate more than ever

If predictions 2 and 4 will come true, Facebook will become even stronger. The company has relied on live video and messenger, have created excellent opportunities for advertising and made a number of improvements to Instagram. Facebook continues to thrive for several reasons:

  • It is easy to use
  • Has a large and active audience
  • Allows you to advertise in any convenient format

And Instagram, meanwhile, has become a competitor to Snapchat, the changes. Disappearing messages, Stories and simple search capabilities has made his own. This year we are expecting new arrivals from the leading social networks.

  1. Reviews about products and service will move to social networks

It’s not that they’ll survive TripAdvisor or Yelp, but the fact that the system of reviews and evaluations will be distributed in social networks. As more users interact with commercial organizations in the messengers (see paragraph 4), the process of assessment and feedback also varies.

The transition to Yelp Messenger to complete the purchase will be easier if you use testimonials in social networks, thus removing one step of the selling process. Reviews on Facebook already trust many consumers, so the business people try to increase their presence on this platform.

Reviews about products and service will move to social networks

If it all comes together with the targeting capabilities of Facebook, you get a great combination of opinions, communication, and advertising.

  1. Prices on mobile advertising will grow

The use of mobile devices has reached incredible peaks, and its growth — a predictable pattern. But this is related to not only the good news.

When marketers started to use Google Adwords, to convey necessary information to users, it is affordable. Had to make considerable efforts, but they brought the result. Ten years ago the keyword phrase “Trips to London” can be reserved for $0.20 or less, and now the competition has raised its value by 500%.

And advertising on Facebook still remains quite affordable, for little money you can attract the attention of the audience. But there is a fear that the cost will increase with the increase in the number of sellers on the platform. That is why it is important not to miss your chance and use mobile advertising, while it’s still possible.

  1. Filters for video will be at the peak of popularity

Immediately comes to mind Snapchat, whose filters offer brightness, dynamism and attracts attention. With the help of them, you can style a video by rocky Balboa, Hillary Clinton or tacos. This is a great option interesting content, very simple to create.

Facebook confirms this forecast, buying MSQRD app that allows you to create filters for video. Most likely, in the near future Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram will introduce these features to work. If that happens, social networks in 2017, will be full of fun content.

  1. 2017 will be the year video

The launch of glasses with an integrated camera from Snapchat has excited many. Manufacturers have already announced the product, describing its employment opportunities on long distances, and limited the issue to increase the demand. Currently, glasses are sold at a fabulous price on Ebay. Probably, this invention is a harbinger of the emergence of a variety of devices and in other social networks.

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Facebook Live, for example, could use a portable camera for those who like to shoot their adventure. If the video will continue to dominate, it will be necessary to improve the device to create it. Most likely, in the next few months, we expect new products from famous brands.

  1. Pinterest will be released on the IPO

The fact that the company hired its first CFO, a move that intrigued many. Todd Morgenfeld (Tod Morgenfeld) was appointed to this position in October 2016, before that, he worked for the position of Vice President of Finance Twitter.

In the world of Silicon valley employment expert of this level suggests that the company is preparing for IPO. Income Pinterest continues to grow, and if a company approaches the level projected for 2018 $2 800 000 000, an IPO would be possible.

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