Elon Musk, colonization of Mars and other cool stuff Part 3

Less than a week since the release of the article, Elon Musk unveiled the next interesting time — home-roof with integrated solar panels.

He draws Parallels with Tesla, which has allowed the electric vehicles to have a normal appearance. This technology should make it like with solar panels, which is not very attractive. Now visually it will be a normal roof, but generating energy. At a cost of installation similar designs + the resulting energy will cost cheaper than a conventional roof. Total: with the visual image everything is OK, it is more durable and cheaper, so why not use it?

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I almost forgot to mention the Hyperloop is another amazing thing. Can you imagine how will change many processes and human activity, when added or deliver the goods to a distance of hundreds of kilometers can be reached in 10-15minutes? It seems to me it could be the next significant step in transportation evolution. It is clear that for global changes in the world of technology must also be available as now Railways. Plus to build from scratch a network of such trails will take decades. But damn it, how did it all cool!

Recently, the network published an article with video and map possible routes for the Hyperloop. Of course, it is planned in Dubai, where else is real:)

Programmers and startups, news silicon topped up — all this dull boring compared to the developments of scientists and engineers. Really these people are my new heroes! They are working on the world that will be with us through the decades.

Mark Zuckerberg, incidentally, is also handsome. Recently saw the news that he and his wife have created a Foundation for medical research, where going to make a map (Atlas) of all cells in the human body or something like that, and also to direct the work of scientists to study the causes of various diseases in order to fight not with consequences, and be able to prevent diseases. And all this, of course, be in the public domain… not as in some firms, mired in patients (not pointing fingers:). Now mark all interested in VR, which is also very impressive. Here is the video from the presentation.

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VR and Facebook

But, of course, the colonization of Mars is the global topic now. Hike now the space program is undergoing a second birth — built giant telescopes opens a new small planets and galaxies, Curiosity travels on Mars for more than 4 years, reusable rockets is not only of SpaceX, Elon musk but also from other private companies (Blue Origin), NASA collects their own mission to Mars. Amazing! In General, after 30-50 years is an interesting time for civilization, unless, of course, will not happen global cataclysms.

As mentioned in the presentation of the SpaceX — this project will help the humanity become a multi planetary civilization. Sounds like it! Recall from different landscapes-and-paste from Mass Effect:) the Music for the presentation of the Mask, by the way, picked up the theme.

Does Not idealize Elon musk, moreover, that in many practices there are alternatives to the autopilot, missiles, etc. besides, all these plans are part of the business, Tesla, Powerwall, Hyperloop. But, as I said above, with this business he’s trying to bring revolutionary changes that will really useful to mankind. Elon is not afraid to take responsibility and to realize their ideas. He really thinks in terms of civilization and it’s cool.

P. S. Here recently there was one interesting video on How We Can Make Mars Our Future Home. About life and problems that people will face on Mars: shelter, water, clothing, etc.

P. P. S by the Way, the new laptop from Apple with a socket Bar and Touch fingerprint scanner Touch ID pleased. This would them more in the future. Despite the fact that it’s all rather a question of “convenience”, the usability, rather than some kind of breakthrough, but also useful.

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