Elon Musk, colonization of Mars and other cool stuff Part 2

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Ubiquitous Elon Musk

In terms of pioneering some of the solutions I personally Google Glass was much more interesting than the recent releases of the iPhone/iPad. Even with all the difficulties, the mistakes, the problems with the launch and sale, this product really looked like something new. Especially given the current huge volume of video content online. But apparently, now is not their time has come, the first world will win the VR technology. If we talk about the offline world, the same Google an interesting project to provide access to the Internet with the balloons Project Loon. And for Google is beneficial, and people use.


And again, it is impossible not to recall Elon musk with his Tesla. Many places in the network meet the phrase about a third of the automotive revolution that is coming (or already started). Perhaps now is the Tesla and it is not perceived with surprise a couple of years ago because almost all car firms have their own electric vehicles. But they evolved as additional projects, while Musk started from scratch, putting back all the energy, time and money. It must strongly believe in your case to put everything on the line to be almost a fanatic.

And when all accustomed to electric cars, Elon runs the autopilot function. Yes, now you can argue that Google is working on a similar project, like many other companies, even Uber there something recently launched, but in fact, only Tesla goes mass. A few days ago came the news that all of the machines will contain equipment for the autopilot. Well, and added for the occasion video. Be sure to watch to the end because there’s a hint of car-sharing and competition with the same Uber. According to the Mask, everyone will be able to capitalize on his Tesla, thereby reducing the cost of purchasing a car. Well, pretty cool.

The future is here. If in 2008 someone told me that in less than 10 years the roads will be real cars with the autopilot, I think, few who believe. Against this background, by the way, again sad looks Apple, which tried to enter the electric car market, buying any company. Would, as always, cool design and marketing, but it would be just business, not innovation. True, perhaps, will not even do that because according to the latest news, Apple is clearly not a priority (or even covered).

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In addition to Tesla from Elon musk is more batteries-battery Powerwall for the home and beyond. As I recall from the presentation, this technology is scalable and you can combine hundreds of batteries to power office buildings, skyscrapers or even small towns. Plans to fully convert the US to solar power, and later to project this experience to other countries or planets. In the network, video walks with the translation of the presentation of the Powerwall.

By the way, after the video about SpaceX and Mars, it seemed to me that many of the achievements of Elon musk connected by some common idea. The same batteries were mentioned as a possibility to store energy on Mars. In the house, they are perfect for charging your Tesla. The development of the rocket for multiple launches can be used for missions to Mars/planets, satellites into orbit and to deliver cargo to another point of the globe. Elon quite naturally combines business ideas that can change the life of humanity. So it’s not just the idea “to earn money” (which, incidentally, is also very important for pioneering achievements), and even global some super goal. And it’s very cool. With all due respect to jobs, it is a completely different level.

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