Elon Musk, colonization of Mars and other cool stuff Part 1

Recently watched the presentation of the project SpaceX’s Elon musk about the colonization of Mars. I wanted to share my impressions of the latest ideas of the innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur, having thought about their contribution to the development of humanity. It looks like that no wonder the Mask is compared to the comic book hero iron man (Ironman), effectively realized in the film by Robert Downey, Jr. Despite the fact that the manner of behavior it is a little like the cinematic hero (or rather, its antithesis), ideas Ilona excite the mind.

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Elon Musk and SpaceX

I confess in advance that I’m not too well-versed in all technical aspects of the project SpaceX to colonize Mars, and sometimes the post is smack in the emotional thoughts out loud. Just want to share my impressions and from what this man and other innovators are doing in recent years. Also in the note will be referred to the company Apple, which have many causes very conflicting emotions:)

But back to SpaceX. That movie, which showed at the beginning of the presentation of the program of the colonization of Mars.

On GeekTimes video has been dubbed “the victory of designers over engineers”, although according to Elon musk in it, as in the presentation used to graphically illustrate and fully renders of the actual models. Even if what is happening is a bit idealized, and it was inspiring. Recording of the presentation can be found below.

If to speak briefly about the idea, Musk plans to create a reusable vehicle for sending humans to Mars. The first rocket will accommodate 12 people, then 100-200. The essence in a reusable and machine — start with a simple return of the first stage (already happening), later on, he would like to build a full transport.

The journey will take, if I am not mistaken, up to 150 days. Ideally, you should carry out 10 of thousands of flights that will allow for 40-50 years to create a colony of a million people. The fuel is methane. If you learn how to produce it on Mars, then the question of reverse flight on the Ground, as well as the maintenance of life (including the synthesis of water) can be resolved. Over time, the red planet is going to terraform is to bring the atmosphere to conditions favorable for life. However, this is a very long process that takes no less than a hundred years.

Also, an important task will be the development of people, wealth, life system, in fact, the beginning of a new civilization. Although it is secondary issues that have to be solved by the colonists, and future generations. The challenge Elon musk and the delivery of people, goods. Now the cost of flying one person to Mars, a $10 billion program, SpaceX and other needs to make it more real. In 2018 it is planned to send to Mars every 2 years cargo ships, and the first people to go there in 2024-2025. More details about the presentation can be read from a text broadcast watching a video.

The coolest thing Elon Musk really thinks in terms of “humanity” instead of “market”. And I personally am very impressed. Moreover, SpaceX is not the first project where it manifests itself.

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A little sad about Apple

At that time, as our space ships travel through the Universe, one “innovative” company enthusiastically presents a new color smartphone… Held a Grand presentation with some incredible excitement. And don’t know what I personally more sad to observe with what fervor talk about banal, in fact, things or enthusiastically as the speech itself takes CA. Now, however, it all felt a bit weaker, the market is gradually normalizing, but a couple of years ago there was almost a fetish. Yes, jobs were able to “sell” to the public every new creation, but let us recognize that after the first few models this is no innovation.

Latest news is a regular update of a software or iron, it is made of all the companies, the consistency of growth performance, features and functions can be attributed to Moore’s Law. Don’t want to downplay the importance of Apple for smartphones and tablets — they determined made a revolution in its time and set the bar. But now, the whole activity of the company is “just business”. And it’s sad. With the jobs, I had at least some hopes for a breakthrough, but now I think like after 20 years Apple became something of a Polaroid:)

I also wanted to write about their amazing headphones for 160 bucks, which are like ordinary an ordinary Chinese smartphone. The smartphone, which allows you to play, to work, to make a quite normal photo/video etc… and all at price headphones. But their processor! And entire 24 hours listening to music before charging will argue that fans of the brand. O my god — it’s just headphones! Why is everything so complicated. Perhaps not enough Wow effect for production, which to many has become boring. Also to sell separately accessories — also good business for Apple. In network a lot of information about their “robust” cables, I have personally replaced two pairs of headphones to be indestructible and a great iPod 3rd generation.

If anything, I’m not a hater of evil Apple, honestly:) moreover, I agree that the company makes a good quality device. They just make money on what you do best. Everything is as it should be in the era of consumption — stylish, fashionable, youth. People spend a lot of money on all sorts of blocks-pointers to the cats and other stuff with Kickstarter, why not sell them something pretty type of smartphone with the color Jet Black and the Apple Watch.

I may be a little boring, but rather it’s more like a disappointment. With such huge capacity, Apple could create something really worthwhile, something revolutionary… to repeat its breakthrough. But they choose the safe, proven and cost-effective way — well, quite a logical decision. Many do also.

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