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Electronic bracelet MiBand company Xiaomi decided to join the majority of major companies involved in the production of portable and wrist gadgets for different purposes. After the presentation of the smartphone flagship, the Mi 4, the company provided information about the electronic bracelet MiBand, now considered one of the cheapest and most qualitative in the market of gadgets.

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This new product is truly useful for athletes, for those who are worried about their health and just for the audience who prefer quality accessories. Its price will be around 15$, but the attractive price tag does not mean low quality. As most of these portable gadgets, bracelet MiBand glad performs functions such as counting steps, calories burned, distance traveled over time distance. Also, this gadget is able to Wake the man from sleep, waiting for the perfect time and with the help of easy long vibration. And choosing to the expected or required level loads, the gadget notifies the owner in achieving the result. Fitness tracker built into the bracelet under the guise of an active module.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi MiBand has the function of connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, with which you can control your sleep, exercise, gather all the information for a long time (from one day to one year) and to compile statistics. In addition, thanks to the IP67 standards, the gadget is pre-protected against ingress of moisture, dirt, and dust. The electronic bracelet can only one touch to unlock password-protected mobile Xiaomi. Bracelet MiBand can work on a single charge for a whole month (about 720 hours), which makes it extremely economical as compared to similar gadgets.

The gadget has a feature of pairing with the smartphones running on the Android operating system (OS 4.3 and above), and can notify the owner about incoming SMS and calls. The announcement supports a number of LEDs on the sensor, any buttons missing. The LEDs show how many percent completed the task, or alerts from your smartphone and also charge level. The bracelet is designed from materials such as rubber and plastic, comfortable for your daily wearing. Strap length 230 mm, but may vary due to regulation (from 157 mm to 205 mm). The sensor created by the ratio 36х14х9мм. While the market is known for such colors of the color bracelets: pink, black, blue, orange and pink.

In order to begin productive work with this gadget, you need the official website to download and install the MiBand app. One downside is that there is only 2 in English and Chinese. Also, in the near future, with the release of the gadget on the international market, provides a connection with social networks, not only Chinese.

Minimized design and multifunctional electronic fitness bracelet MiBand displays the company Xiaomi to the market the most popular and high-quality for the production of gadgets.

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