Did the Internet affect our lives?

20 years ago, our lives were significantly different from todays. The latest technology that should make life easier just transformed it into something completely different. Instead of us are almost doing all the work of the machine. And the Internet, in General, makes us unrecognizable to ourselves. The real communication we replace virtually. We did not have time for family, relatives, friends.

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We try to keep communication in reality, to a minimum, but it seems to us that it is not. We all do now, in absentia, almost no contact with people. Scientists liquidity fear that because of the increasing impact of communication in networks can produce to the disappearance of many rare languages. Now it is easier to communicate via Skype than to gather together. On the other hand, the Internet opens your business opportunities and e-Commerce, such as buying and shipping from Italy on our site of different products is as simple as a trip to the nearest supermarket.

If the first Internet was created to share information, but now it has become a communication. This is bad, but people like to be able to communicate with other people from around the world. They feel the Internet is easy, relaxed.

We can do online what in real life will judge us or not understand. We can easily find here like-minded people, and if someone is bored, we deleted friends and added to the blacklist, it’s simple! We’re here anonymously, so not afraid to voice their opinions. Over time, we become dependent on the Internet and don’t even notice! This is a mental disease that occurs from the impact of the Internet on our brain. And this is only the beginning! What happens next is unknown.

Of course, the network has many advantages. Today it is very convenient to find a job, an apartment, or to buy some goods, you can even order pizza on the Internet. But on the other hand, online you can be yourself, no pretending. You can contact us at any time with friends or relatives who live halfway around the world and can’t come to you. You can even study from the comfort of home that sometimes it is very convenient (for example, women who are on maternity leave).

Of course, nothing can replace the reality of communication, a walk in nature, real experiences. And you must understand this! The reality is the best that can be, don’t need to play virtual chess, do it with a friend. If he can not, so teach him! Purchasing through the Internet is also a good thing, but what about those good days when you had to walk with a friend shopping? Do not forget, the Internet is only an assistant, not a friend!

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