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In 2014, the Agency RadiumOne issued a report, the conclusions of which allow marketers and agencies to use data Dark Social and increase return on investment in digital marketing. Dark Social, or dark social media — exchange of information that is very difficult to track and analyze by means of traditional social media Analytics. This includes: communicating in instant messengers, chats, email.

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The proposed translation of the article that explains the report 2014, and more relevant to today information. A brief abstract of the study:

  1. User activity dark media too big to ignore. 84% outbound share now passes through a private, dark channels, like email and instant messengers. Mobile users respond better to dark media. 62% of Klibanov in the dark sharing comes from mobile, and the remaining 38% from desktops.
  2. Dark to convert social activity into a marketing opportunity just and necessary. Marketers and agencies who use sharing in the dark media for the development of their paid channels, and achieve outstanding results. One luxury retailer has used specialized software to capture the dark activity and then used this data to inform paid media. As a result, it tripled the traffic to the site and lowered CPA (Cost per Aсquisition, the cost of raising) of 71%.
  3. SVOD, a new service in South-East Asia gained access to the dark social activity of fans of entertainment and then used these data to paid media, thus converting 560 000 of its first million subscribers.
  4. A number of global trends highlighted the growing influence of mobile interaction. In 2015, mobile advertising has become a leader in the size of investment in digital promotion, mobile search has taken a leading role in search queries. This once again emphasizes that all types and formats of digital interaction need to work flawlessly on phones and tablets.

The moment of truth

Data dark media important for communication with the mobile audience. To achieve this, use a two-step process. In the first phase, track all types of content distribution. On the second, use this information to improve the performance of paid media, including mobile resources. Next, determine the intersection of dark media and mobile across regions. Based on the analysis of all types of content-sharing will have to determine what to expect from your region and your business?

In short, you need to urgently seek their place in the sharing economy. Modern marketers and agencies spend over a billion dollars a month on mobile advertising on Facebook, despite the fact that according to the RadiumOne study for February 2016, only 11% of cases Saito-oriented mobile sharing (exchange of materials directly or indirectly leading to a resource — for example, a direct link), and 21% of mobile click below happened via Facebook.

In contrast, on account of the dark social media — 82% of cases Saito-oriented mobile sharing and 67% of mobile click below. Statistics relevant to the Internet as a whole, for individual countries it may differ.

Dark media: then and now

A year and a half ago dark media took a greater share of outbound user sharing activity. Since users tend to prefer sharing with mobile devices. As a result of these trends, advertisers open up new opportunities at the intersection of dark media and mobile devices. Consider these trends in more detail.

  1. User activity in the dark social media is too big to ignore

Content sharing through the Dark Social channels, such as email and instant messengers dominates the total mass of online sharing of content. A year and a half ago dark exchange as a percentage of the total share increased substantially from 69% to 84% worldwide. If you have an important contact with the audience, don’t ignore Dark Social — because it is the largest method of distributing information today.

The diagram shows that Dark Social dominates sharing activity. The percentage distribution of content from sites through the channels:

  • 84% Of Dark Social;
  • 9% Facebook;
  • 7% — other public social media.
  1. Consumers respond better to dark sharing via mobile devices

Over the past year and a half the majority of responses to dark content sharing, or click below came from mobile devices. They are quickly becoming the primary devices for communication and content consumption. It is noteworthy that the number of click below in the dark sharing is growing rapidly. From 53% in August 2014 to 62% in February 2016.

On the other hand, the number of click below on Dark Social with tablet fell. From 47% in August 2014 to 38% in February 2016. Agencies and marketers should take into account that if people “share” content from mobile, it will not necessarily read from the same device.

  1. Dark to convert social activity into a marketing opportunity is easy and necessary

There are already high-quality software products for collecting and activating Dark Social each time the visitors to “share” your content or links to it in private correspondence. These tools will show how the recipients react to shared content. Because of dark Schering, at its core, personalized to the recipient, the data Dark Social will provide an accurate idea of the interests and intentions of consumers, which will increase your awareness of lead and the relationship with the audience.

Analysis of Dark Social important for marketing, because these data can be linked with media buying and attract the right people at the right time.

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Cases Dark Social

Marketers and agencies that use activity in the dark social media to develop their paid resources, achieve outstanding goals. Consider the cases from different companies around the world.

As the luxury retailer lowered CPA (Cost per Aquisition, cost per acquisition) with the help of Dark Social on different types of devices?

In trade, 74% of all sites and 42% of click below for accessing the shared content takes place via Dark Social. So when luxury brand began to create their own audience segments based on people content and it, marketers saw the power of the “dark media” on desktops and mobile devices.

These audience segments were more ready to buy. Knowledge of the segments will raise the advertising campaign based on the data to new heights — but luxury retailer went on. The brand has scale audience segments and found on the Internet of people associated with users, content. The company then made up of all segments, senders, recipients and people connected with them, through creative advertising campaigns focused on conversions. As a result, the retailer has tripled the traffic.

As a service to Southeast Asia converted 56% of the first million subscribers using Dark Social on different types of devices?

In the entertainment industry in South-East Asia, 93% of all cases of sharing and 61% of click below passes through dark media. Given this, the newest Internet TV service by subscription built a campaign product launch on the collection and activation of data about how the fans of online entertainment share content with family, friends, and colleagues.

Mark Britt, SEO Felix Group, said: “We know that entertainment lovers frequently share digital content, but we also knew that the majority of sharing happens outside of public social media.”

“The development of Dark Social means that we take control of the bases, leaving no blind spots in our vision the sharing of audience behavior across all channels and devices,” added mark. Felix Group initially focused on the entertainment lovers, who had no ties with the brand. This was formed strategic partnerships with the largest entertainment portals that have agreed to build software for tracking sharing.

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