Contemporary Smart TV technology

3D Smart TV generation of TVs use modern technologies, the so-called 3D SMART TV. The use of such modern technology allows to obtain a high-definition image, allows you to view HD videos and 3D videos directly on the Internet without the use of additional devices. There are special services, which provide free access to artistic and documentary 3D and HD movie.

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Some television channels have their own app Smart TV that allows you to view channels in HD on the big screen. Also, apps Smart TV allows you to use the TV for many different purposes. For example, you can view on a large screen, detailed maps, to learn cumbersome tables, enjoy an exciting video game.

For the successful application of modern technology Smart TV, you need at the finest building of modern TV to put the high-performance computing system. Such a system should be able to handle large flows of video and to work quickly and comfortably. Also, this largely concerns the interface and menu navigation. The new Smart Home menu is intuitive, simple and decorated with 3D effects. High performance is achieved with the use of modern processor Tru-ULTRA HD Triple XD. Almost all new TVs will find in the store 5ok such as the SHARP LC70LE747E and others have them.

The use of modern Smart TV applications requires the use of the more advanced remote. In recent times, there are control panels that look like a computer mouse with lots of buttons. Menu navigation is done by moving the remote in space. Such an unusual way is very convenient. The use of modern controllers and accelerometers allows the use of special gestures. For example, to return the cursor to the center of the screen, you just need to shake the remote. Switch to 7 channel? – just draw a “seven” in the air. Apply and other gestures for different purposes. Also, the remote can be used to control additional devices, for example, the radio tuner or satellite antenna. Also modern TVs embedded voice search in different languages.

The modern technology of Smart TV has transformed the ordinary “box” in the media center unimaginable functionality.

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