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How social networks change the world?

It is estimated that approximately 50% of the news we learn from social networking. Two-thirds of law enforcement agencies around the world use social networking sites in criminal investigations. 80% of American colleges and universities are actively using social media accounts. Social networks help every sixth unemployed person in employment. What does Facebook know about […]

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The social networks: news and trends Part 2

5 developments that are fascinating and data 46% of customers are between “18 to 24 “‘s ages. Utilizing the information that is newest from — a business of market conduct — FastCompany in a cross-platform dimension has generated a fascinating graph displaying how millennial are dominated among by Snapchat when compared with internet sites that […]

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The social networks: news and trends Part 1

The world of social networking is evolving extremely rapidly, and to help you stay abreast of the latest innovations in this article, we offer some of the latest trends, news, research and statistics. From rethinking the role of Twitter and the big changes in Facebook and to new features in Pinterest and Periscope — lately, […]

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